Karate Do as a holistic way of life

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My name is Thomas Meissner. I am a karate-teacher (5th dan) and a life long karate student.

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Karate was originally created for real life self defence. That implements the verbal and physical protection of yourself and your loved ones. I personally also add the protection of your inner peace -which can be attacked by others or yourself- to this. All of these points don’t only rely on proper technique, the foundation consists also on self confidence, self trust, a clear state of mind, situational awareness and other aspects that we can summarize as the concept of ‚warrior mindset‘. This warrior mindset is again based on a reliable technique, that fuels you with inner security.
Karate Do is holistic and covers many dimensions of being. It offers much more than grading, competition and boosting your ego. The color of your belt displays how much you trained the curriculum for grading, it doesn´t guarantee you any magical abilities when you are under attack. Success in competition, especially karate competition, displays that you are successful in sports. This is also fine, but there is nothing more to expect.

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