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my name is Thomas Meissner and I am very happy to welcome you on this page. During the shutdowns in many countries I decided to upload some materials, that can help karateka to endure their quarantine. If you scroll further, you will find programs, instructions and a constantly optimized training protocol – these will hopefully support you when you train on your own! Underneath you can find a collection of public YouTube videos from IOGKF senior instructors. I give my best to update that part daily, so you can find a lot of relevant training content there witout searching for it. My online course also contains detailed instructions and much, much more. If you have some time go there and have a look!

Train hard and enjoy it!

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Training for yourself: Some thoughts that keep you on track before getting started.

“If you´re waiting for someone who isn´t you, to come along and motivate you, you ´re waiting on the wrong person.”

(Mike Gillette)

Have a plan!

The corona crises brings a lot of difficulties, but for karate practitioners it is also a chance to investigate and explore your own training, self motivation, values, outer and inner posture and much more. If you always needed your sensei to be pushed out of your comfort zone so far, this is the time to mature and become more responsible for your own progress (without quitting the teachings of your Sensei!). Watch out for blind spots in your training routines! With this free content I would like to support your ambition to stay in good condition and improve on your own!

Expect regular uploads to support your personal, self responsible karate-way!

Download your training protocol here (I adapt it to new uploads):

Your daily mini-warrior-challenge that fits in between most of your tasks! I added a chart to the training protocoll, track your progress there. Beat your results from last week!

Introduction: this is not just a physical fitness training, we are targetting much more.

1.Plank: Shoulders packed, tailbone in, hollow body posture.

2. Shiko dachi: feet under knees, knees point into the same direction as your feet (45°), tanden drops forward, upright spine.

3. L-Hang: hang at the pullup-bar or something different (with a towel at a tree…), keep your legs horizontal using your core muscels (not hip flexors!). Hollow body posture!

4. Table lift: Fingers point to your feet, knees stay together and don´t drop to the outside, press your hips upwards.

5. Reverse plank: legs and shoulders in the air, lower back completely on the floo, rips closed!

6. Static pushup hold: tailbone in, shoulders packed, elbows are touching your sides, closed rips/hollow body.

7. Kururunfa half drop hold: go into the half way position to koshi dachi, hold there. Hold balance and upright posture while your legs are getting tired.

Congratulations, you mastered the week! Now the battle begins! Become better in each exercise, every week!

A karate-supporting, 30-minute-bodyweight-workout with guided breathing for building will-power and stress resilience while keeping proper form:

Instructions for the tabata workout exercises:

Tabata workout follow along video:

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Helpful videos from different sources:

Public released videos from the best senior instructors:

The IOGKF world chief instructor Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura (7th Dan) is posting free and public videos for teenagers and adults. I am personally very thankful for his work!

To have them all together, I am collecting these videos here in chronological order. So if you don´t find them, just click here. Enjoy!

Video 1:

Video 2:

A very inspiring video of our world chief instructor Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura (7th dan) training footwork! This can easily practiced at home!

More training inspiration from the dojo of Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura:

More material from the absolut best senior instructors:

A training in the dojo of Morio Higaonna Sensei (former world chief instructor and shihan):

Other helpful sources:

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