Zoom recordings

Dear visitor,

on this site you find the zoom-recordings of my dojo training. I talk in English, the first video is an exception (German).

There are sometimes technical issues and sometimes I have to let visitors in from the waiting room, so there are some interruptions here and there. The training sessions take 1 hour each, an rare cases 1:15.

Do you want to participate?

For participation please send me a message via WhatsApp or an e-mail to:

Just click on this link, you are absolutely welcome.

Meeting-ID: 266 455 8681

I am looking forward to see you!

Doing the recorded trainings in proper order will bring you the best benefit.

In these zoom recordings we mailny train around kata. If you want to learn more about it, I recommend the following article:
9 points to embody if you want to make the most of your 108 kata challenge“.

Three rules before you start:

Before you start, make clear, that you have at least 1 hour time and nobody will disturb you.

Make a clear decision, that you want to do the training, get your mind clear and then give full effort! Maybe I am not watching you, but you are programming your subconsciousness with every action. Let this program be empowering.

No compromises, no half participations, no cheat on yourself. Be a warrior, go the whole way, finish what you start!

Download the Zoom training protocol to keep your overview about your accomplishments. Click on the icon.

09.11.2020 <german> but it´s still possible to follow along without speaking German. 😉

12.11.2020 <english>

16.11.2020 <english>

19.11.2020 <english>

23.11.2020 <english>

26.11.2020 <english>









I was so happy to see that many people on december the 24th willing to train karate and give their best, that I forgot to press the recording button. Ahhh. I wish you some beautiful, contemplative days! Maybe you do the tabata-workout here instead:





11.01.2021 (Kihon Bunkai Gekisai Dai Ni)

14.01.2021 (kumite combinations)

18.01.2021 (footwork + bunkais gekisai dai ni)

21.01.2021 (1. Connecting junbi undo with irikumi, 2. both gekisai kata and bunkais)

25.01.2021 (gekisai 1+2, kata & bunkai))

28.01.2021 (bunkai under stress/groundwork)

01.02.2021 (training for irikumi)

04.02.2021 (first steps into saifa kata, Gekisai 1+2 & bunkai deepening)

08.02.2021 (continue of saifa kata)

11.02.2021 (saifa kata: a deeper exploration)

18.02.2021 (kihon combinations, Saifa kata)

22.02.2021 (from kihon to irikumi)

25.02.2021 (Gekisai 1+2, Bunkais Gekisai 1)

01.03.2021 (Gekisai-Saifa, Bunkais Gekisai 1+2)

04.03.2021 (irikumi training)

08.03.2021 (basics for grading to yellow)

11.03.2021 (From kihon to flow shadow fighting)

15.03.2021 (First careful steps into sanchin kata)

18.03.2021 (sanchin kata and hojo undo with chi ishi)

25.03.2021 (Saifa)

29.03.2021 (Gekisai 1, Gekisai 2, Saifa, This video last 45 minutes, the connection was interrupted. But you can use it and just do the seiza on your own.)

01.04.2021 (from saifa kata to saifa bunkai, then chi ishi)

05.04.2021 (HIIT workout, then first steps in Seiyunchin Kata)

12.04.2021 (leg work, kata up to seiyunchin, chi ishi workout)

15.04.2021 (Gekisai 1-3 and possible applications to defend against multiple attackers, then Seiyunchin kata)

19.04.2021 (some Wim Hof practices + seiyunchin kata completed)

26.04.2021 (Irikumi drill)

29.04.2021 (Renzuko Bunkai Gekisai I)

06.05.2021 (Stepping into Saifa Kata for self defense)

10.05.2021 (Basic karate moves and some ways to use them against a bigger molester)

13.05.2021 (Seiyunchin Kata leg work)

17.05.2021 (Shisochin kata)

20.05.2021 (Some kata movements against multiple attackers)

25.05.2021 (Saifa kata bunkai)

28.05.2021 (Irikumi movements)

31.05.2021 (Saifa Bunkai)

03.06.2021 (Irikumi)

07.06.2021 (Seiyunchin Kata Bunkais 1 of 2)

12.06.2021 (Gekisai Dai Ichi + Bunkai)

14.06.2021 (More bunkais for seiyunchin kata)

29.07.2021 (Sanchin dai Ni /Sanchin of Kanryo Higaonna Sensei)

19.08..2021 (Seiyunchin Kata and supplementing mobility)

26.10.2021 (Gekisai 1 + Kihon Bunkai)

07.12.2021 (Gekisai 1 + Kihon Bunkai)

14.12.2021 (Gekisai 1 + Kihon Bunkai)

21.12.2021 (Some Irikumi and Saifa practice)

23.12.2021 (Sanchin structure)

27.12.2021 (Saifa)

30.12.2021 (Gekisai & bunkai reaction training))

03.01.2022 (Irikumi and Kata Gekisai up to Sepai)

06.01.2022 (Irikumi II)

25.01.2022 (Stresstest for Gekisai I & Bunkai)

01.02.2022 (Seiyunchin half way)

08.02.2022 (Saifa Kata)

15.02.2022 (Seiyunchin Kata Part II)

22.02.2022 (Going through the kata, mainly Seiyunchin. Caused by technical difficulties, this one ends after appr. 35 minutes. Ypu can easily add it to the next one and do them in a row.)

01.03.2022 (Seiyunchin kata)

14.06.2022 (Gekisai 1)

28.06.2022 (Sanchin Kata from a different perspective)